WEN International, Inc. is a specialty supplier of natural flavor and fragrance chemicals and custom manufacturer of specialty chemical products for research and pharmaceutical applications.

The history of our business began with Dr. Paul Chang, who was invited as part of the early 1980's UN delegations to China. He was the first foreign-based aroma chemist to advise China on technology development. Natural chemical production is the result of Dr. Chang's work in collaboration with the Chinese government. In the years since, we have continued the development of new products for the flavor and fragrance industries.

We maintain inventories in Rahway, New Jersey for prompt delivery within North America. We also have the capability to export worldwide. Our mission is to provide a direct source of natural flavor and fragrance raw materials with the highest standards of quality integrity and value. We take great pride in providing full documentation for all out materials, including applicable kosher certification.

Our key products include natural vanillin, natural maltol, natural raspberry ketone, natural ionones, and other natural esters, acids, aldehydes, and ketones. We also have a full line of natural lactones. Please refer to our product lists for more information.